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What Sets Us Apart

Many businesses today are so fixated on a penny per gallon that they are not looking at the overall costs associated with managing and procuring their energy needs. This is where we can help!

We can incorporate technology, education, and an understanding of your business needs to meet your petroleum needs.Our mission is to be the leader in providing petroleum products and services by delivering superior customer service, identifying prompt resolutions to employee and customer inquiries, and providing an exceptional environment that promotes creativity, team building, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

James River Petroleum has a team of dedicated professionals to provide the finest quality products and service nationwide. With a lifetime of experience in the petroleum industry, our customers are our business partners, ensuring profitability in an ever changing market. Whether Government, Commercial, Retail, or Residential, exceeding expectations is what we do best.


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 NEW! Diesel Exhaust Fluid is now available at the following sites:

  • 10249 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA
  • 11900 Deerhill Road, Midlothian, VA
  • 1951 Ware Bottom Spring Road, Chester, VA

Prices Delayed 1 Hour